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for Lampomatic, Gandossi or Bizzozero - type semi-automatic stitcher machines

The verson 4a panel includes the

Following features:

Many old stitching machines are mechanically sound, but the electronic controls are no longer repairable or reliable. The Buswell controller is designed for Lampomatic type machines with 6 volt clutch-brake units. It is a simple design that has been in production since 1986.

First stitch position, number of stitches (up to 99) and stitch length are entered on thumbwheel switches on the front of the panel.

A batch-eject counter is included which gives a volt-free contact signal to operate the eject gate air solenoid.

The simple design has resulted in units which have run with virtually no maintenance.

Supply: 230V 50/60 Hz at 2 Amps
Clutch/brake type: 6 Volt DC at 4 amps
Sensor type: NPN - box detect, stitch head position and eject counter

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